Model Town Park Lahore: Best Family Park In Lahore


Model Town Park in Lahore is a famous recreational spot. It spans over 125 acres. The park includes greenery, well-managed lawns, and vibrant flower beds, creating a serene environment for relaxation and enjoyment. Visitors can enjoy different activities, including jogging, and picnics. The Park also hosts cultural events, festivals, and concerts. Overall, the Park offers a delightful experience for everyone.


History of Model Town Park Lahore


The history of the park is associated with the formation of Model Town. After the formation of the Model Town, the development of the park was planned, to provide a natural environment in an urban setting. Model Town was established in 1921, but the establishment of the park took decades and it was finally established in the 1980s. The park’s creation reflects a long-standing vision for incorporating nature into the urban landscape. Some believe renowned landscape architect John Lockwood Kipling might have been involved in the design-making process.

Model Town Park Area


Model Town Park spreads over an area of around 2.8 square kilometers, which is equal to 125 acres. This green park provides opportunities for recreational and educational activities. It is an hour’s drive away from “Shalimar Garden Lahore

Model Town Park Track Length

The jogging track at Model Town Park is approximately 2.0 kilometers long. It’s made entirely of clay. This feature makes it unique and one of the largest clay jogging tracks in Asia. It is near “Chauburji Lahore“.

Model Town Park Swings

Some common types of swings you can find at the park include:

  1. Classic swings: These are traditional swings with two hanging seats attached to chains.
  2. Tire swings: Swings made from recycled tires provide a fun swinging experience.
  3. Baby swings:  Small, secure swings are designed for infants and toddlers to enjoy.
  4. Bench swings: Larger swings that accommodate multiple people and provide a relaxing swinging experience. 

Model Town Park Boating


Model Town Park offers boating facilities. Visitors can enjoy boat rides on the park’s lake. Moreover, The lake is surrounded by greenery and stunning views. Boating at Model Town Park provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience for families, couples, and groups of friends. It has another park near itself that is also worth visiting is “Jallo Park Lahore Pakistan“.

Model Town Park Timing

The park remains open from dusk till dawn.

Model Town Park Ticket Price

The Model Town Park is free, especially for park users and visitors enjoying recreational activities.

Model Town Park Map

Model Town Park Distance from Lahore

Since Model Town is a part of Lahore, the distance would likely be a few kilometers. This means Model Town Park is easily accessible.

Model Town Lahore Park Location

The park is located in the center of the city where it is easy to access people from any city and its beauty attracts everyone from and out of the city.


Model Town Park offers a delightful treat to its visitors. The park boasts green spaces, a refreshing boating lake, and a dedicated clay jogging track. Playgrounds are available for children’s entertainment. Lastly, The park reflects the city’s long-standing commitment to incorporating nature into its urban landscape. Whether you seek relaxation, a refreshing boat ride on the lake, or a jog on the track, Model Town Park provides a lovely place for enjoyment and relaxation.

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