Hiran Minar Sheikhupura: Places To Visit In Lahore


Hiran Minar Sheikhupura translates to “Deer Tower” in English. It is an early seventeenth-century Mughal-generation Minar located in Sheikhupura. The Minar is a reflection of the Mughal relationship among people, pets, and hunting. There has been a hunting floor for the Mughal royals, and the minaret becomes a monument to the deep bond between Jahangir and his beloved antelope.

hiran minar sheikhupura

Hiran Minar Sheikhupura History

hiran minar sheikhupura HISTORY

Construction of the Minar started in 1606 CE all through the reign of Emperor Jahangir. The most attractive thing is that the Minar is not built for a human, but alternatively as a loving memorial to Jahangir’s favorite antelope, Mansraj. The Hiran Minar wasn’t just an introduction to Jahangir’s reign. His son, Shah Jahan, the famed architect at the back of the Taj Mahal, added his charm to the Minar in 1634. Shah Jahan’s contributions protected a stylish octagonal pavilion and a massive water tank, further beautifying the place.

Who built Hiran Minar?

It was built by Mughal Emperor Jahangir as a memorial to his pet antelope, Mansraj. It is an hour’s drive away from “Shalimar Garden Lahore Pakistan“.

Hiran Minar Park

hiran minar sheikhupura park

The park offers a serene and picture-best setting, complementing the architectural beauty of the monument. It is an equally popular vacation spot for locals and travelers. The centerpiece of the park is the Hiran Minar itself. It is one of the best “Historical Places To Visit In Pakistan“. The park has several cascading fountains, adding beauty to the atmosphere.

Hiran Minar Architecture

hiran minar architecture

A one-hundred-foot tall minaret constructed completely of bricks. It’s believed that the topmost chamber might have held Mansraj’s stays. It has also been said that the holes around the minaret have been used to display the heads of animals hunted by the emperor. Therefore, It also has a massive square water tank with an island pavilion in the middle. This pavilion was possibly used for relaxation and entertainment by the royals. There’s a causeway connecting the minaret to the pavilion

Hiran Minar Aerial View

hiranminarsheikhupura aerial view

Hiran Minar Weather

The weather in Hiran Minar Pakistan is generally hot in summer and mild in winter. It is a few minute’s drive away from “Model Town Park Lahore“.

Things to do at Hiran Minar

Here’s a simpler list of activities at Hiran Minar:

  • Architectural Appreciation: Marvel at the beautiful Mughal architecture.
  • Learn History: Discover the story behind the monument and Mughal emperors.
  • Relax Outdoors: Enjoy a picnic, walk by the lake, or just relax.
  • Boat on the Lake: Rent a paddleboat for a fun exploration.
  • Spot Birds: Look for ducks, geese, and other feathered kingfishers.

Hiran Minar Ticket Price

The entrance fee to visit Hiran Minar is quite affordable:

  • Adults: Rs 20 (Pakistani Rupee)

HiranMinar Location

The Hiran Minar is located in Sheikhupura, which is forty kilometers northwest of Lahore.

Hiran Minar Pics

hiranminar pics

Hiran Minar Sheikhupura Map

Gujranwala to SheikhupuraHiran Minar

The distance from Gujranwala to Hiran Minar is 62.9 km and it takes about One hour and Thirteen minutes to reach by vehicle.

Hiran Minar Distance from Rawalpindi

The distance between Hiran Minar and Rawalpindi is 309 kilometers. It takes about for Three hours and forty-four minutes to get there by means of a vehicle.

Hiran Minar Distance from Lahore

The distance between Hiran Minar and Lahore is approximately 70.9 kilometers. It takes about One hour and Three minutes to get there by car.

Distance from Faisalabad to Hiran Minar

The distance between Faisalabad and Hiran Minar is 130 kilometers. It takes about One hour and Thirty-One minutes to get there by car.


Whether you’re interested in history or are just seeking a peaceful getaway, Hiran Minar provides an unforgettable experience. This architectural wonder, steeped in Mughal history and including stunning gardens, is sure to make for an unforgettable day trip. Why not schedule a visit and learn the wonderful history of the “Hiran Minar “?

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