Passu Cones: Where Earth Touches Sky


Passu Cones are the wonder of nature that captivates visitors with their stunning beauty. These cones are a pair of pyramid-shaped peaks and are famous for their steep slopes and sharp ridges.  Passu cones are the must-visit peaks for the visitors of Hunza Valley. The Passu Cone is a visual feast for the eyes and a reminder of nature’s raw power and beauty. The people call them Tupopdan, which means “Sun-Swallowing Mountain” or “hot rock.”


Passu Cones Height


Passu Cones are some of the most photographed mountains in the region, standing at an elevation of over 6,100 meters (20,000 ft). These peaks are part of the Karakoram Mountain Range.

Attabad Lake Passu Cones


Attabad Lake lies close to the Passu Cones. The lake was formed after the landslide in 2010. The reflection of the Cones in the lake’s crystal-clear water creates a mesmerizing sight that attracts visitors. It is one of the most Famous Lakes In Pakistan. Boat tours on Attabad Lake offer the opportunity to admire the majestic Passu Cones uniquely. The combination of Attabad Lake and the Passu Cones is an iconic symbol of the Hunza Valley.

Passu Cones Karakorum Highway


One of the best ways to experience the Passu Cones is from the Karakorum Highway (KKH). This historic highway winds its way through some of the most spectacular mountain sceneries on Earth. As you travel along the KKH, you’ll encounter stunning views of the Passu Cones, which rise majestically above the surrounding valleys.

Passu Cones in Winter


Winter brings a serene beauty to the Passu Cones. The surrounding valleys and mountains are often blanketed in white, offering a peaceful contrast to the rugged terrain. Access to the Passu Cones becomes challenging during the winter months due to snow and extreme weather conditions, those who make the journey, experience breathtaking views and a sense of surprise at the raw power and beauty of nature.

Passu Cones Climbing

Climbing to Passu Cones is challenging and hard. The peaks with rugged terrain, steep slopes, and pointed peaks make it hard for climbers and hikers to reach easily. Proper planning and carefulness are required to reach these peaks. Expeditions to the Passu Cones involve multi-day treks and overnight stays at high-altitude campsites. Climbers may choose from various routes and approaches, each offering a unique set of challenges and rewards.

Passu Cones Weather


Passu Cones experiences a range of weather conditions throughout the year. Summer, from June to August, brings mild temperatures. Autumn, from September to November, offers cooler temperatures. Winter, from December to February, brings cold temperatures, often dropping below freezing. Spring, from March to May, sees temperatures gradually warming up.

PassuCones Location


Passu Cones are located near Passu village in the Upper Hunza Valley. Their exact coordinates are approximately 36.4694° N latitude and 74.8656° E longitude. These towering peaks are a prominent feature of the Karakoram Range and are a popular destination for tourists and adventurers.

Passu Cones Map

Islamabad to Passu Cones

The distance is about 647 kilometers (403 miles) and can take between 16 to 18 hours to reach. You can fly from Islamabad to Gilgit Airport. It will take about a 5 to 6-hour drive to Passu.

Aliabad to PassuCones Distance

The distance is approximately 50.4 kilometers along the Karakoram Highway. The journey typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours.

Attabad Lake to PassuCones Distance

The distance is about 24 kilometers (15 miles) by road. Traveling from Attabad Lake to Passu typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

Passu Cones Hotels


Here are some options to consider

  • PassuCones Hotel: This 2-star hotel holds breathtaking views of the Passu Cones and offers comfortable rooms. They have a restaurant serving local and international cuisine.
  • Passu Tourist Lodge (PTL): This lodge enjoys a good reputation among travelers and offers clean and comfortable accommodations with a focus on budget-friendly options.
  • Guesthouses: Several family-run guesthouses in Passu village provide a more local experience, and offer limited amenities but are a good choice for cultural immersion.
  • Camping: Camping is a popular option for visitors who want to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Passu Cones. Be prepared to bring your camping gear and supplies.


Passu Cones are the reflection of the inspiring beauty of natural wonder. With their towering peaks and sharp ridges, these iconic landmarks captivate visitors from around the world. Passu Cones leaves an incredible impression on visitors. Visit this piece of land as it offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

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