17 Famous Lakes In Pakistan That Are Must Visit

These are the few well-known lakes in Pakistan. These are the most famous lakes in Pakistan.

Attabad Lake Hunza

Attabad Lake, also known as Gojal Lake, is a breathtaking lake in the Gojal Valley of Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan. A significant landslide in Attabad village in January 2010 tragically formed the lake. For five months, the landslide prevented the Hunza River from flowing. It resulted in flooding and the forced relocation of thousands of people. But as time passed by, the lake changed into a stunning natural marvel and a popular spot for vacations and picnics. The surrounding mountains are reflected in its crystal blue water, producing an amazing sight.

aTTABAD LAKE , lakes in pakistan

Satpara Lake Skardu

satpara lake , lakes in pakistan

Satpara Lake is a natural lake in the Gilgit-Baltistan area, close to Skardu. Majestic mountains and green meadows surround Satpara Lake. The stunning peaks are reflected in the lake’s blue water, producing a scene from photography. Satpara Lake is located along the path that leads to the second-highest plateau in the world, the Deosai Plains. When visiting Deosai, many visitors decide to pause their journey and take in the mesmerizing surroundings at Satpara Lake.

Upper Kachura Lake Skardu

upper kachura lake , lakes in pakistan

Upper Kachura Lake in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Skardu District. The lake offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and is a well-liked location for trout fishing. The water is about 15 °C (59 °F) in the summer, but it freezes solid at the surface in the winter. The biodiversity of the lake is abundant. There are plenty of birds and golden marmots. The lake is also surrounded by apricots and cherry trees for visitors.

Ansoo Lake Kaghan Valley

ansoo lake

The high-altitude lake is located in the Kaghan Valley of the Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The name of the lake comes from the Urdu word “ansoo,” which means “teardrop.” This perfectly captures the unique teardrop form of the lake. The lake is also likened to the human eye, with a ridge representing the eyebrow and a central ice island that resembles the iris. It is one of the most famous lakes in Pakistan.

Saral Lake Azad Kashmir

saral lake

Saral Lake is a hidden gem in Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir. The Saral Lake is renowned for its peace and beauty of the natural world. Due to its low population density, the location is perfect for individuals looking for peace and a chance to go back to nature. Saral Lake is inaccessible by car, thus getting there calls for adventure. Equally important, The most popular approach to Gumot National Park is via Sharda on a jeepable track. Hiking to the lake from Gumot will take you through breathtaking surroundings. An alternative route is via Kaghan Valley’s Dudipatsar Lake. This path takes you across the Saral Pass, which offers views that are more difficult but very rewarding.

Dudipatsar Lake

dudipatsar lake , famous lakes in kashmir

Dudipatsar Lake is located in the northern region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is a breathtaking lake surrounded by the mountains of Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park. The Urdu terms “dudi” (meaning “white”) and “sar” (meaning “lake”) are the source of the lake’s name. The lake’s waters have a stunning greenish-blue color that varies in tone throughout the year. The scenery all around is breathtaking. Finally, Reaching Dudipatsar Lake requires a commitment to adventure, as it is not accessible by car.

Karambar Lake

karambar lake , famous lakes in pakistan

Karambar Lake is a high-altitude glacial lake in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Ishkoman Valley of District Ghizer. The lake holds the distinction of being the 31st-highest lake in the world. It is situated in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya region, which is well known for having an abundance of wildlife. The lake is not easily accessible and requires effort and hiking. But the reward after reaching is stunning. It is one of the most famous lakes in Pakistan.

Manchar Lake

manchar lake , famous lakes in pakistan

Manchar Lake is the largest naturally occurring freshwater lake in Pakistan and one of the biggest in South Asia.  It is situated in Sindh’s Dadu and Jamshoro districts. It lies in the west of the Indus River almost 18 kilometers from Sehwan Sharif. In addition, The Kirthar Mountains’ many tiny streams feed into Lake Manchar, which falls into the Indus River. When a branch of the Indus River flowed from Kashmore, it created the lake.

Rush Lake Pakistan

rush lake, famous lakes in pakistan

Rush Lake is a high-altitude lake in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Nagar Valley. The breathtaking views of some beautiful peaks including, Spantik, Malubiting, Miar Peak, Phuparash Peak, and Ultar Sar can be seen during the hike to Rush Lake. The most popular route to Rush Lake is a multi-day hike. For those in decent physical shape, the walk is an amazing adventure with beautiful landscapes.

Rama Lake Pakistan

rama lake , famous lakes in pakistan

Rama Lake in the Astore Valley of the Gilgit-Baltistan region is a beautiful location. The beauty of the lake and surrounding views make it a popular destination for tourists. The lake is located in a remote area so reaching the lake initially required a jeep track and later a hiking trail. The views of the lake are charming and breathtaking. The climate is cold due to its elevation. Lastly, It is instructed to pack yourself according to weather demand.

Mahodand Lake Swat

mahodand lake , famous lakes in pakistan

Mahodand Lake in the upper Ushu Valley is roughly 40 kilometers away from Kalam in the Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The lake is famous for its amazing scenery and abundance of wildlife. Dense forests surround the lake, the snow-covered mountains of Hindu Kush, and captivating views alongside the river. The lake is a popular spot for fishing, especially for trout fish. Therefore, Camping is a wonderful idea to explore the beauty of the lake along with the clarity of the skies.

Saif ul Maluk Lake

saif ul malook lake

Saiful Muluk Lake is a mountainous lake at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley. It is located near the town of Naran in the Saiful Muluk National Park. The lake is amongst the highest lakes in Pakistan. This is one of the oldest lakes. Moreover, Traces show that it was formed about 300,000 years ago. The glaciers melted under great pressure and filled the water which turned into a lake later on. The lake is named after a famous folktale Sailul Muluk. The lake becomes inaccessible during the winter seasons.

Shausar Lake

Shausar Lake , Famous lakes in pakistan

Shausar Lake is situated at the western end of Deosai National Park. The lake is located in a remote location, making it hard to reach but the journey and the feeling of conquering it is worthwhile. The name “Sheosar” comes from the Shina language, where “Sheo” means “blind” and “Sar” means “lake”. Summers are the best option to visit the lake and experience one of the most famous lakes in Pakistan.

Hamal Lake

Hamal lake , famous lakes in pakistan

Hamal Lake is a beautiful lake in Qambar Shahdadkot District of Sindh. The lake is a habitat for resident and migratory birds like Ducks, Geese, Coots, Shorebirds, Cormorants, Flamingos, Herons, Ibises, Gulls, Terns, and Egrets. It is also a great habitat for freshwater fish. The discharge of poisonous and saline water from the Hirdin drain has severely affected the lake’s ecosystem, making it dangerous for many species. Boating is a good option to explore Hamal Lake.

Hadero Lake

hadero lake , famous lakes in pakistan

Hadero Lake is an important brackish lake located in Thatta District of Sindh. Under Section 15 of the West Pakistan Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1959, the lake was first designated as a game sanctuary in 1971. Later, in 1977, the Government of Sindh issued a declaration declaring it a Wildlife Sanctuary. The proclamation said that while fishing in the lake was permitted, locals were not allowed to disturb the birds in the winter.

Pyala lake

pyala lake , famous lake in pakistan

Pyala Lake is a round bowl-shaped lake located in the Jalkhand region of Kaghan Valley.  The lake is not a very well-known lake like other lakes in Pakistan, but it is indeed a worthwhile lake. The lake offers breathtaking views and an eye-captivating shape of the lake. The abundance of wildlife makes it risky to visit the lake in the dark. Camping is not a suitable option here but it is one of the most famous lakes in Pakistan due to its shape.

Man-made lake in Pakistan

Keenjhar Lake is the largest freshwater, artificial lake in Pakistan It is about 36 kilometers from the city of Thatta. The lake was formed by the construction of a bund on the eastern side, uniting two lakes: Sonehri and Keenjhar. Keenjhar Lake is a popular tourist resort, famous for picnics, swimming, fishing, and boating. Keenjhar Lake has been declared a Ramsar site and a wildlife sanctuary.

Largest Natural lake in Pakistan

Manchar Lake is a natural freshwater lake situated in the west of the Indus River in Sindh province. In 1921, it was connected to Hamal Lake via the Main Nara Valley Drain. Manchar Lake is a significant source of freshwater for the local population and is home to a variety of fish species. It is one of the most famous lakes in Pakistan.


The visit to lakes offers many stories, from serene havens for birdwatching to difficult treks to high-altitude lakes. Some lakes like Keenjhar Lake, provide opportunities for activity and entertainment, others, like Manchar Lake, serve as vital sources of freshwater. So, whether you are looking for a serene escape or an adventurous venture, Pakistan’s lakes offer a unique and unforgettable treat.

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