Jallo Park Lahore: Best Parks In Lahore


Jallo Park is also commonly known as Jallo Forest and Wildlife Park. It’s a public recreation and wildlife area. A variety of activities are available for visitors in Jallo Park Lahore Pakistan, such as boating, horseback riding, and picnics. Moreover, A zoo in the park has lions, elephants, and peacocks. It’s a great place for families because it has a kid-friendly area and recreational activities.


History of Jallo Park Lahore


The park was established as a recreation place in 1978. The major aspect of its development was to protect animals. Therefore, The Punjab government has made efforts to increase the park’s beauty in 2007 and 2008. Lastly, Jallo Park Lahore Pakistan has been a key attraction in Lahore for many years, inviting people of all ages to come and enjoy themselves limitlessly. It ios an hour away from “Model Park Lahore“.

Butterfly House Jallo Park Lahore


Butterfly House is one of the most interesting attractions of Jallo Park, which allows guests to embrace the fascinating world of butterflies. It is known for being Pakistan’s very first butterfly house. Therefore, Visitors may get closer to an amazing array of butterfly species, with gentleness and care, inside the tunnel.

Jallo Botanical Park


Jallo Botanical Park is a calm paradise dedicated, to showcasing the region’s diverse flora. Several plant species, including exotic and native flowers, trees, herbs, shrubs, and medicinal plants, are present at the Botanical Park. In addition, You can also explore unique gardens that give a distinct sensory experience. The gardens include succulent, herb, and rose gardens. Equally important, Botanical Park plays a crucial role in helping tourists to develop an appreciation for nature and a knowledge of environmental issues.

Jallo Park Lahore Timing

Jallo Park normally opens from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This duration is suitable for different activities including early-morning walks or late-evening picnics.

Jallo Park Lahore Location

Jallo Park is located near Lahore. It is easily accessible by road.

Jallo Park Google Map

Distance from JalloPark to Lahore

The Jallo Park is approximately 25 kilometers from the city center, with around Thirty to Forty-Five minutes travel to reach.

JalloPark Lahore Pakistan distance from Islamabad

Jallo Park is approximately 300 kilometers from Islamabad and takes around Four to Five hours to reach there.

Amin Park Lahore to Jallo Lahore distance

The distance is approximately 32 kilometers and it takes around 40 to Sixty minutes to drive there.


Jallo Park is a fun spot for everyone. You can see animals, plants, and butterflies! Therefore, You can take a boat ride, have a picnic, or cool off at the pool. It’s a great place for families and nature lovers. Therefore, Jallo Park is a suitable destination for people of all ages, offering a chance to connect with nature and refresh your soul. If you are more interested then visit “Forest Wildlife“.

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