Safari Park Karachi: Top Notch Park In Karachi


Safari Park Karachi was opened in 1970. It is a family park and only families can visit it. Lieutenant General Atiq-ur-Rehman inaugurated it. Initially, it was just a wide green area but later in 1995 an independent zoo, safari, and aquarium department were established. In June 2012, the country’s biggest aviary was constructed speedily inside the safari park. Kashmir Point is another new addition to the park. The beauty of this place resembles Kashmir.

safari park karachi

Area of Safari Park Karachi

karachi safari park area

Safari Park covers a wide area of about 148 acres. It is a big park with amusement and recreation opportunities. This large area is divided into multiple sections. It is one of the best Parks in Karachi.

Karachi Safari Park Rides

safari park karachi rides

  • Toy Train
  • Mini Ferris wheel
  • Musical Chairs
  • Bumper Cars

Safari ParkKarachi Flying Fox

Karachi Safari Park has a Flying Fox ride. This ride lets you soar through the air on a zip line, offering a thrilling experience. Flying Fox goes over water, adding to the excitement and thrill. It is a wonderful experience, especially in the evenings when the weather is cool.

Karachi Aviary Safari Park


Safari Park Karachi has the biggest Aviary in the country. Aviaries are the big places to keep birds. These are bigger than birdcages and contain plants to maintain the natural environment. The park has a public aviary, visitors can see the birds and learn about different species of birds.

Is it worth visiting Safari Park?

Safari Park Karachi is a worth visiting place. It offers multiple opportunities like boat rides, visiting two lakes within the park, enjoying chairlift rides, visiting museums of endangered bird species, an elephant enclave for elephants, and much more. This park is specially designed for families so you can spend time with family and plan a wonderful picnic. The park offers multiple opportunities for enjoyment.

Safari Park Karachi Timing

The park remains open from 6 AM to 8 PM. During these hours you can enjoy different activities and plan your surprises in a natural setting. You can also experience sunset views within this time.

Safari Park Karachi Ticket Price

It is a family park and the ticket fee is for both children and adults. The ticket price is 30Rs per head.

Safari Park Karachi Location

safariparkkarachi location

It is located in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of Karachi. It has an amusement park, walking gardens, Go Aish, an elephant enclave, two natural lakes, a chairlift, and a bird’s aviary.

Safari Park Karachi Map

Distance from Lahore

The distance is 1206 kilometers along Sukkur – Multan Motorway/M-5 and takes 14 hours and 38 minutes to reach by car.

Hotels SafariPark Karachi

Here are some hotels available near Karachi Safari Park

  • Hotel Golden Inn –A price of Rs 3,550 per night.
  • Hotel Aladin In Karachi – Price of Rs 3,540 per night.
  • The Times Inn Couples – Price of Rs 3,350 per night.
  • New Hotel Couple In Karachi – Price of Rs 3,750 per night.
  • Karachi Guest House – Gulshan – price of Rs 3,900 per night.


Karachi Safari Park is a wonderful place to visit. This park is for both nature lovers and thrill seekers. The best thing is that the park is suitable for families. You can go with the family and enjoy different activities within the park premises. The park has an area for elephants that fascinate children. The park is an amazing blend of wonder and charm.

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