Kund Malir Beach: Where Beauty Meets the Sea


Kund Malir Beach is located on the Balochistan coast of Pakistan. It’s part of the Hingol National Park which is the largest national park in Pakistan.  Kund Malir Beach is known for its stunning scenery with golden sand, clear waters, and rugged cliffs.  As the beach is part of Hingol National Park, it is home to a diverse ecosystem, including a variety of marine life and wildlife.


History of Kund Malir

History Of kUND maLIR beach

The Makran Coast, where Kund Malir Beach lies, has a long history of maritime trade. For millennia, it served as a route for traders traveling between the Indus Valley and other parts of Asia and the Middle East. It has two beaches “Ormara Beach” and “Gadani Beach” on the same coastline.

Mud Volcanoes near Kund Malir

Mud Volcanos Near Kund Malir Beach

The area around Kund Malir Beach is known for having an estimated 11 active mud volcanoes, making for an interesting geological sight.

Things to do at Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir Beach, a part of Hingol National Park, offers a scenic escape with a variety of activities for visitors. Here are some things you can enjoy:

Relaxation and Beach Activities

The golden sands and clear waters of the Arabian Sea make Kund Malir Beach a perfect spot for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking.


Experience the tranquility of the beach under a blanket of stars by camping overnight. Be sure to bring your own tent, sleeping gear, and supplies.

Camel Riding

Embark on a traditional Baloch activity by riding a camel along the beautiful coastline.

Hiking in the Hingol National Park


The national park surrounding Kund Malir Beach boasts rugged mountains with breathtaking views. Explore the scenic trails and immerse yourself in the natural beauty.

Kund Malir Fishing Point

fishing Point KundMalir

Kund Malir Beach is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, and there’s a designated fishing spot here that attracts anglers. The waters of Kund Malir Beach are teeming with a variety of fish species, making it a productive fishing ground.  Common catches include pomfrets, sardines, mackerel, and even sharks. There’s a small fishing community around Kund Malir Beach. You might see local fishermen using traditional techniques or smaller boats bobbing in the water.

Kund Malir Night Stay

Spending a night under the stars at Kund Malir Beach can be an unforgettable experience. Explore the serenity of the beach at night. The sound of waves lapping on the shore and the cool night breeze create a calming ambiance. It is 2 hours drive away from “Gwadar

Stargazing at Kund Malir


The remoteness of Kund Malir Beach means minimal light pollution, offering spectacular views of the night sky. Gaze at the Milky Way and constellations with minimal distractions.

Kund Malir Camping

Camping allows you to fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the beach at night. Set up your tent, roast marshmallows over a campfire, and enjoy the peacefulness of the surroundings.

Bioluminescent Plankton (Seasonal)

During certain times of the year, the waters around Kund Malir Beach can light up with bioluminescent plankton. This natural phenomenon creates a magical experience as the waves seem to glow with an ethereal light.

Kund Malir Mandir

kundmalir mandir

Kund Malir Beach itself doesn’t have a widely known temple structure. However, there’s a prominent Hindu temple called Hinglaj Mata Mandir located near Kund Malir Beach, within Hingol National Park. It’s a revered temple for Hindus, particularly in the Sindhi and Marwari communities. The temple is dedicated to Hinglaj Mata, a manifestation of Devi, the Hindu mother goddess.

Kund Malir Weather

Kund Malir Beach enjoys a warm climate year-round with variations. Spring (March-May) is pleasant with temperatures (20-30°C) and minimal rain. Hot, arid summers (June-August) see temperatures soar (32-38°C) with occasional dust storms. Autumn (September-November) brings relief with milder temperatures (25-32°C) and lower humidity. Winters (December-February) are mild (15-23°C) with chilly nights and scarce rain. Expect strong winds throughout the year, especially during the summers.

Kund Malir Beach Location

kund malir location

Kund Malir Beach is located in Balochistan, on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It is around 150 kilometers (93 miles) from Zero Point on Makran Coastal Highway.

Kund Malir Map

Karachi to KundMalir Beach Distance

It is approximately 236.8 kilometers (147.1 miles) west of Karachi along Regional Cooperation for Development Hwy and Makran Coastal Hwy/N-10. It takes about 3 hours and 13 minutes to get there by car.

Kund Malir to Ormara Distance

The distance between Kund Malir Beach and Ormara is 108 kilometers along Makran Coastal Hwy/N-10. It takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes to get there by car.

Distance from Hinglaj Mandir to Kund Malir

The Hinglaj Mata Mandir is situated at a distance of around 150 kilometers from Kund Malir Beach, deeper within Hingol National Park. The journey involves a rough and sometimes challenging drive.

Gadani to KundMalir Distance

The total distance for driving from Gadani to Ormara via Kund Malir Beach is 317 kilometers. It will take approximately 4 hours to complete the journey.


Kund Malir Beach offers a unique escape, blending breathtaking natural beauty with a sense of adventure. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Sea, explore the rugged coastline on camelback, or gaze at the mesmerizing night sky. Camp under the stars for an unforgettable experience, or use Kund Malir Beach as a base to explore the wonders of Hingol National Park, including the Hinglaj Mata Mandir temple. While amenities are limited here, the peacefulness and natural beauty of Kund Malir Beach are unforgettable.

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