Toli Peer Rawalakot: Sky’s Secret Garden


Toli Peer is a hilltop region situated in Rawalakot Tehsil within the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir. Abbaspur, Bagh, and Poonch River may be viewed from Toli Peer. It’s a famous travel destination in the location, attracting lots of tourists during the summer months.

Toli peer rawalakot

History of Toli Peer

History of toli peer

Toli Peer has a rich history dating back to ancient times.  The name “Toli Peer” is derived from the Sanskrit words “Tola,” meaning “hill,” and “Peer,” meaning “saint”. It is widely believed that the area was once home to a saintly figure who meditated on the hill, hence it was named Toli Peer.

Height of Toli Peer

height of toli peer

The height of Toli Peer is about 9,000 feet above sea level. It is

Places to visit in Toli Peer

Here are the places you could go to in Toli Peer:

Scenic viewpoints

The primary pastime at Toli Peer is enjoying the breathtaking views of surrounding regions, including Abbaspur, Bagh, and the Poonch River.

Hiking Trails

hiking of toli peer

There are hiking trails around Toli Peer that offer a beautiful viewpoint of the landscape. The trails are must-visits for nature lovers and people looking for adventure.

Mazar (shrine)

There is an antique Mazar (shrine) on the highest hilltop, which adds to the cultural and religious importance of the region.

Toli Peer in Winter

toli peer in winter

Toli Peer in Winters is an exceptional story compared to the summer season. It transforms into a wintry weather wonderland with stunning snowy landscapes. Toli Peer receives snowfall throughout the winter, which could make the road impassable, and reaching Toli Peer becomes hard in the wintry weather.

Camping at Toli Peer

camping at toli peer

Camping at Toli Peer offers breathtaking views, sparkling mountain air, and a chance to reconnect with nature. The ideal time to camp at Toli Peer is during the summertime months, typically from April to August. You’ll encounter high-quality weather,  greenery, and clear skies during this time.

Toli Peer Weather

Toli Peer’s weather fluctuates dramatically throughout the year. Spring paints the mountainsides with colorful wildflowers, adding another layer of beauty to the scenery. Autumn brings a captivating transformation as the leaves trade color, showcasing a vibrant display of yellows, oranges, and reds. Winter brings dramatic changes. Temperatures plummet beneath freezing.

Best time to visit Toli Peer

best time to visit toli peer

The Best time to go to Toli Peer is the summertime. Summertime (April-August) boasts quality weather, with clear skies and appealing landscapes. This makes it best for sightseeing, trekking, and picnics.

Toli Peer Road Conditions

toli peer road condition

Toli Peer Road is generally accessible by vehicles. The Toli Peer is accessible during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. The road is paved, however it’s not usually in ideal condition. You would possibly encounter potholes, bumps, and choppy surfaces. Heavy snowfall can make Toli Peer impassable. In addition, The roads might be closed because of snow accumulation.

Toli Peer Map

Distance from Cities

  • Toli Peer Distance from Islamabad
  • The distance between Islamabad and Toli Peer is approximately 143-145 kilometers (88.9 – 90.1 miles), and the use time is from four to six hours.
  • Muzaffarabad to Toli Peer.
  • The distance between Muzaffarabad and Toli Peer is 132 kilometers. it’s going to take approximately three hours and fifty minutes to get there by vehicle.
  • Lahore to Toli Peer Distance.
  • The distance between Lahore and Toli Peer is approximately 422 kilometers to 528 kilometers. The time can range from eight to nine hours.
  • Rawalakot to Toli Peer Distance.
  • Rawalakot to Toli Peer Distance is approximately 30 kilometers from Rawalakot. The drive takes approximately 40-50 minutes. you can hire local transport from Rawalakot to go to Toli Peer.
  • Rawalpindi to Toli Peer Distance
  • The distance between Rawalpindi and Toli Peer is about 137.8 kilometers (85.6 miles).

Toli Peer Hotels

toli peer hotels

Here are some hotels and guesthouses you could discover close to Toli Peer:

Toli Peer Guest House

This is a popular option located near Toli Peer Road. It offers rooms with basic amenities at reasonable prices. They also have a restaurant serving traditional Pakistani cuisine.

Nadira Glen Resort

This resort is situated in Mehmood Gali, a little further from Toli Peer but surrounded by beautiful scenery. They offer comfortable rooms with balconies overlooking the mountains.

Shalimar Hotel and Restaurant Banjosa Lake

While not exactly in Toli Peer, this hotel is located near the scenic Banjosa Lake which is a popular tourist destination.

Dream Valley Resort Rawalakot

This resort is located in Rawalakot, about a 40-minute drive from Toli Peer.


Toli Peer gives a captivating getaway into nature, catering to a range of activities. Whether you seek breathtaking summertime views, a snowy wonderland in winter, or want to explore historical sites, Toli Peer has everything. With its scenic splendor, satisfactory weather at some stage in spring and summer, and interesting sports like trekking and camping, Toli Peer can be a trip. Plan your journey according to the season and check weather conditions in advance.

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