Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan: Adventure and Sightseeing


Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan is a beautiful town and Union Council in the Mansehra district of KPK. It is one of the major tea-growing regions. The captivating town is famous for its rich history, cultural festivals, and stunning landmarks. The natural environment, serene lakes, green valleys, and majestic mountains enhance its charm. The region has bustling markets and tea shops. Lastly, The water in this area is believed to be naturally sweet and tasty. The warm hospitality of locals makes it an ideal place to visit. Delicious local cuisines add a cherry on the top. It is a must-visit location for visitors seeking peace and pleasure.


Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan places to Visit?

Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan is a beautiful place itself. Many visitors visit this place around the year. Finally, There are many attractions in the region. Some famous places include;

  • JLA Offices Mess.
  • Shinkiari Tea Garden.
  • Tea Research Institute.
  • Kund Rest House.
  • Shinkiari Hut.
  • Siran Lake.

JLA Offices Mess

jla officer mess

JLA Offices Mess is a historic building surrounded by scenic views and green hills. This building was built during the British era in the 19th century. Mess shows a blend of colonial and local architectural styles. “Sharan Forest“, is just an hour’s drive away from Shinkiari. Lastly, It provides insights into the past and attracts tourists. JLA Mess is well-preserved and open to tourists. It has rooms, dining halls, and recreational areas. It is a great place for those seeking a unique cultural experience.

Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan Tea Garden

shinkiari tea garden

Shinkiari Tea Garden is the first tea garden in the country. It is the most beautiful and serene destination of the region. Whereas, The tea garden was established in the 19th century by the British. British are the ones who introduced tea cultivation in this area. In addition, Shinkiari Tea Garden produces high-quality tea. People use traditional methods for tea cultivation, passed down from generations. Visitors to the tea garden can;

  • Explore the Tea Garden.
  • Enjoy the stunning views of the surroundings.
  • Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed Tea.
  • Learn about the tea-making process.
  • Buy tea products from Garden’s outlet.

Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan Tea Research Institute

The National Tea Research Station was established in 1986. It was later upgraded to an institute in 1996. But after a few years, in 2013 the name of the institute changed to National Tea and High-value Crops Research Institute (NTHRI). Therefore, This institute offers a unique opportunity from a tourism perspective. It gives;

  • Chance to taste different tea varieties.
  • Learn about the Tea production process.
  • A lovely experience for tea lovers.
  • Informative and learning experience.

Kund Rest House

kund Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan

Kund Rest House is also known as Kundbangla. This historic house was built during the British era in the 19th century. It is located in the Jabori forest. The 2005 earthquake has ruined the place. After restoration, the place became operational in 2018. Lastly, It is located about 2500 meters from the city. By sitting in this place you can enjoy the stunning views of the surroundings including;

  • Musa ka Musalla.
  • Makra.
  • Sri.
  • Majestic Peaks.

Shinkiari Hut

shinkiari hut Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan

Shinkiari Hut is a 100-year-old historic place. It was built during the British era in the 19th century. It’s located in the Upper Pakhli. The hut is accessible by a rough jeep track. It takes about 2 hours from the main road to reach. Moreover, Remember that it is not a resort or hotel and just a hut. It is a forest rest house and limited facilities and seats are available. Camping is the alternative option.

Siran Lake

siran lake Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan

Siran Lake is an artificial lake in the Siran Valley. It was made by diverting the cold Siran River. Siran Lake is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Siran Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the region. The beauty of this place seems unreal. This valley has many other attractions including;

  • Chukro Peaks.
  • Baleja Meadows.
  • Saraan Meadows.
  • Aram Gali.
  • Darwaza Gali.
  • Sathan Gali.
  • Jacha Forest.
  • Dhor Forest.
  • Chor.
  • Mundi.

Shinkiari Weather

Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan weather

Shinkiari weather fluctuates throughout the year. Summers are hot with temperatures reaching up to 35°C, while winters are cold with temperatures dropping to around 5°C. Monsoon season brings heavy rainfall from July to September. Spring and autumn are ideal for outdoor activities. Finally, the Weather remains pleasant during these seasons.

Shinkiari Location

Shinkiari comes on “Karakoram Highway“. It is located in Upper Pakhli tehsil, 18 kilometers north of Mansehra district in KPK. Its coordinates are 34°28’0N, 73°16’60E and its elevation is 1019 meters (3346 feet).

Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan Postal Code

The Postal Code of Shinkiari is 21140

Shinkiari Map

Shinkiari Distance From Different Cities

Distance from Mansehra to Shinkiari

The distance is 19.6 to 22.8 kilometers. Travel time is 42 to 43 minutes.

Abbottabad to Shinkiari

The distance via Lalazar Colony and M-15 is 49 kilometers and takes 1 hour and 7 minutes.

Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan distance from Islamabad

The distance is 181 kilometers along M-15. It takes about 2 hours and 23 minutes to drive.

Shinkiari to Naran

The distance is 116 kilometers along N-15. It takes about 3 hours and 32 minutes.

Hotels in Shinkiari Mansehra Pakistan

  • Cordillera Resort – Bright rooms with balconies offering mountain views and a restaurant. Price: Rs 14,630 per night.
  • Hotel La Orilla – Simple rooms & suites featuring a restaurant, a gym, and a pool. Price: Rs 8,700 per night.
  • Husain Resort – Price: Rs 5,220 per night.
  • Tourist Inn Hotel Shogran – 3-star hotel. Price: Rs 3,850 per night.
  • Pine View Hotel & Dera Inn Restaurant – Price: Rs 6,541 per night.


Shinkiari is a stunning destination. This place is a unique blend of History, culture, and nature. Shinkiari has the country’s first and biggest Tea Garden.  The Tea Garden is a haven for Tea lovers. They can enjoy premium quality tea from the Garden’s Café. Lastly, Apart from this, the place has a dynamic history, wonderful landscapes, and amazing views.

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