Shah Allah Ditta Caves Islamabad: Hiking & History


The Shah Allah Ditta Caves Islamabad is an ancient archaeological site in the Margalla Hills, Islamabad. These caves are considered 2,400 years old and hold historical significance from various eras. The Shah Allah Ditta Cave is a popular destination for both national and international visitors. Lastly, The caves preserve nearly 2,400-year-old Buddhist walls.

shah allah dita caves

Shah Allah Ditta Caves History

shah allah dita caves history

The caves are believed to have been used by Buddhist monks for meditation, Hindu sadhus, and later by Muslim ascetics during the Mughal period. In addition, The village of Shah Allah Ditta, where the caves are located, is named after a Mughal-era dervish. Therefore, The caves have historical significance as they were located on the route used by Alexander the Great and Sher Shah Suri to travel from Kabul to the Gandharan city of Taxila. Mughal rulers and other emperors often passed through this region on their way to India from Afghanistan.

Is Shah Allah Ditta Caves Haunted?

Shah Allah Ditta Caves are considered to be haunted, with various reports of paranormal activities and sightings in and around the caves. In addition, Visitors and locals have claimed to hear voices, witness dark shadows, and experience eerie feelings in the area, especially at night.

How old is Shah Allah Ditta Caves?

The Shah Allah Ditta Caves are believed to be approximately 2,400 years old. Moreover, These ancient caves hold relics from the Buddhist era dating back to the 8th century, and they contain murals of Buddha on the cave walls, indicating their historical significance. “Faisal Mosque” is an hour drive away from here.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves Islamabad Weather

The Weather of caves is generally cold but in summer it can get up to 40 degrees. It is one of the “Best Places To Visit In Islamabad“.

Shah Allah Dita Caves Pictures

shah allah dita cave pictures

Things to Do Near Shah Allah Ditta Caves

things to do at shah allah dita cave

Here are some options for things to do near the Shah Allah Ditta Cave:

  • Explore the Buddha Caves: Located near the Shah Allah Ditta Caves, the Buddha Caves are a group of ancient Buddhist caves believed to date back to the 2nd or 3rd century CE. Moreover, These caves contain sculptures and carvings depicting various Buddhist figures and symbols.
  • Zip lining: For a dose of adrenaline, head to the zipline course near the Shah Allah Ditta Caves. Soar through the air and enjoy breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills.
  • Go Archery: Test your skills and aim at the archery range near the caves. A fun activity for all ages and a unique cultural experience.
  • Enjoy a Picnic at the Park: The area around the Shah Allah Ditta Caves features green spaces perfect for a picnic lunch or a relaxing afternoon amidst nature.
  • Visit the Shakarparian National Park: A short drive away from the Shah Allah Ditta Caves, Shakarparian National Park is an urban oasis offering walking trails, picnic areas, a rose garden, and a mini zoo.
  • Visit Lok Virsa Museum: Located in Islamabad, the Lok Virsa Museum showcases Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage through exhibits on traditional crafts, textiles, music, and dance.
  • See the Faisal Mosque: The Faisal Mosque is a magnificent architectural landmark known for its modern, tent-like design. A beautiful mosque worth incorporating into your itinerary.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves Map

Shah Allah Ditta Cave Directions

There is a way to get there. Lets explore.

  1. Starting Point: Islamabad Serena Hotel (a prominent landmark).
  2. Head towards Sector D-12: Follow Islamabad Expressway East towards Rawalpindi for a short distance. Take the exit towards Sector D-12.
  3. Turn right onto Margalla Road: Once in Sector D-12, turn right onto Margalla Road, following signs for the Margalla Hills National Park.
  4. Continue for a few kilometers: The road winds through the Margalla Hills, offering scenic views. Look out for signs for the Shah Allah Ditta Caves or Khanqah Shah Allah Ditta. There will likely be other visitors heading the same way.
  5. Parking: There is a designated parking area near the caves.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves Distance from Islamabad

The distance between Shah Allah Ditta Caves and Islamabad is approximately 22.6 kilometers by car. It should take about 38 minutes to get there via Margalla Ave.

Rawalpindi to Shah Allah Dita Distance

The distance between Rawalpindi and Shah Allah Ditta Caves is approximately 40.5 kilometers by car. It should take about 1 hour and 9 minutes to get there via 9th Ave.

Shah Allah Ditta cave to Khanpur

Traveling by car from Shah Allah Ditta Caves to Khanpur village, Jhang will take approximately 5 hours and 24 minutes along AH1, covering a distance of 399 kilometers

Shah Allah Ditta Cave Restaurant

There is an option to consider.

  • Mehman Mezban Restaurant Shah Allah Ditta: It’s located near the caves based on user reviews and might be a good option for trying traditional Pakistani dishes.


Shah Allah Ditta Caves offer a captivating glimpse into Islamabad’s past. As an ancient archaeological site, these caves offer visitors a glimpse into the region’s past, from the era of Buddhist monks to the Mughal period. Moreover, Efforts to preserve and promote this historical gem underscore its importance, while the reported paranormal activities add an element of mystique to its allure. Finally, Combined with nearby attractions such as the Faisal Mosque, Rawal Lake, and the Margalla Hills National Park, the Shah Allah Ditta Caves provide a compelling destination.

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