Naltar Valley: Where Every Peak Beckons Adventure

naltar valley

Discover the enchanting secrets of Naltar Valley in our captivating article. Immerse yourself in its natural wonders today!

  1. Naltar Valley: Wonderland of Peaks and Lakes Galore.
  2. Journey to Naltar Valley: Beyond Extraordinary Delight.
  3. Scenic Beauty of Naltar Valley: A Breathtaking Retreat.
  4. Naltar Valley: Where Nature Paints Peaks in Technicolor!
  5. Beyond Ordinary: Naltar Valley’s Extravaganza.


  1. Ever wondered where pure Alpine magic unfolds? Naltar Valley beckons with majestic peaks, mirrored lakes, and an enchanting tapestry of nature.
  2. Can a valley be a visual feast, where peaks soar, lakes shimmer, and awe-inspiring splendor awaits at every turn? Naltar Valley invites you to witness it all.
  3. Naltar Valley reveals its secrets with towering summits, pristine lakes, and a canvas of nature’s wonders. Ready to explore the extraordinary?
  4. Discover the joy of simplicity in Naltar Valley’s embrace—a blend of peaks, lakes, and unspoken sweetness that makes every moment a delightful adventure!
  5. Journey beyond the ordinary into the heart of Naltar Valley, where peaks reach for the heavens, and lakes form an extravagant tableau. Let’s explore the charm.

Introduction of Naltar Valley: Nature’s Alpine Retreat

Nature's Alpine Retreat

Naltar Valley, located in the breathtaking landscapes of “Gilgit-Baltistan“, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Naltar captivates visitors with a serene charm. The valley’s beauty is ever-changing, with vibrant hues in summer and a tranquil blanket of snow in winter. Whether you seek adventure or a peaceful retreat, Naltar Valley offers a mesmerizing blend of natural wonders, making it a must-visit destination for those in search of beauty and tranquility.

Places to visit

  1. Lakes.
  2. Peaks.
  3. Villages.


Naltar Valley boasts a collection of pristine lakes, each a jewel in nature’s crown.

  1. Naltar Lake Chain.
  2. Satrangi Lake.
  3. Bashkiri Lake.
  4. Lower Shani Lake.

Naltar Lake

Naltar Lake

The Naltar Lake Chain in Naltar Valley is like a beautiful necklace made of lakes! These lakes, including Naltar Lake, Bashkiri Lake, and Satrangi Lake, are all connected in this stunning chain. Each lake has its special colors and charm. It’s like a natural wonder where you can see different lakes one after another, each with its unique beauty. The Naltar Lake Chain is a fantastic place in the mountains, and each lake is like a different gem adding to the sparkle of Naltar Valley.

Satrangi Lake

Satrangi Lake

Satrangi Lake is like a magic pond with seven colors! Imagine a place where the water changes colors—it’s like a rainbow in a lake. Surrounded by big snowy mountains, Satrangi Lake is a super special place. It’s not just a lake; it’s a colorful wonder in the heart of nature. When you go there, you’ll see a lake that looks like a beautiful painting, and it’s a fantastic adventure to discover the seven shades of magic in the water.

Bashkiri Lake

Bashkiri Lake

Bashkiri Lake is a natural masterpiece waiting to be explored. Situated at a high altitude amid the majestic Karakoram Range, Bashkiri Lake captivates visitors with its clear blue water. Accessible from the village of Naltar Bala, the journey to Bashkiri Lake itself is an adventure, with scenic landscapes unfolding at every turn.

Lower Shani Lake

Lower Shani Lake is a lovely spot in Naltar Valley. It’s like a peaceful pond surrounded by mountains and greenery. The water is calm and clear, reflecting the beauty of the sky and the hills around it. Lower Shani Lake is a quiet place where you can enjoy nature’s simplicity and take in the breathtaking views. It’s a special part of Naltar Valley, inviting you to relax and appreciate the beauty of the mountains and the peacefulness of the water.


Naltar Peaks is a majestic ensemble in the heart of the Valley.

  1. Naltar Peak
  2. Shani Peak
  3. Naltar Sar

Naltar Peak

Naltar Peak

This is a general term that might be used to describe any prominent peak. Its majestic presence adds to the natural beauty of the region, making it a captivating sight for all who explore the area. It doesn’t refer to a specific peak but is more of a generic term indicating a high point in the Naltar region.

Shani Peak

Shani Peak

Shani Peak, graces the landscape with its majestic presence, offering breathtaking panoramic views. Crowned by snow, it stands as an emblem of the valley’s rugged beauty, inviting awe-struck admiration from all who gaze upon it. It’s a treat to explore it.

Naltar Sar

The Naltar Sar and Peak are distinct mountain features in the Naltar Valley region, but they are often confused due to their similar names. Naltar SAR, a majestic mountain, not only captivates with its beauty but also holds significance for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. Its snow-covered slopes attract tourists and mountaineers, offering opportunities for trekking and exploration.

Dokan e Karambar

Dokan e Karambar is a cool mountain in Naltar Valley. Tourists like it because it’s pretty and a great place for taking pictures. People visit to see the amazing views and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. It’s a nice spot for those who love nature.


Some of the villages in and around Naltar Valley include:

  1. Naltar Bala
  2. Nomal
  3. Naltar Pine Village
  4. Qalti

Naltar Bala

Naltar Bala

Naltar Bala is not just a village – it’s a hidden gem waiting to be explored! This vibrant village buzzes with life and welcomes tourists with open arms. The breathtaking views of the surroundings and the warm hospitality of the locals make it a must-visit destination. Come for the views, stay for the charm – this lively village is a tourism hotspot that promises an unforgettable experience.



The Nomal is a quaint village near Naltar Valley, filled with warmth and traditional charm. Nomal offers a glimpse into the local way of life. With friendly locals and picturesque views, it’s a welcoming stop for tourists seeking an authentic experience. The village is a gateway to the natural wonders of it, making it a must-visit for those in search of both cultural richness and scenic beauty.

Naltar Pine Village

Naltar Pine Village, situated in Valley, is a tranquil settlement surrounded by fragrant pine trees. This charming village offers a unique experience, surrounded by nature’s beauty. It provides a serene retreat with cozy accommodations and stunning views, making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts seeking a peaceful mountain escape.


Qalti is a village surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Karakoram Range, Qalti offers visitors a glimpse into the local way of life. The village serves as a gateway to explore the natural wonders of Naltar Valley, making it an inviting destination for those seeking both cultural richness and stunning mountain vistas.

Famous Attractions

There are some other visiting places in the valley including;

  1. Naltar Ski Resort:
  2. Naltar Polo Ground:
  3. Naltar Meadows:
  4. Naltar Pass:
  5. Naltar Valley Mosque:

Naltar Ski Resort

Naltar Ski Resort

Naltar Ski Resort is like a snowy wonderland in it, where you can have loads of fun in the winter It’s where people go to have fun in the snow, especially if they like skiing or want to learn. Imagine gliding down the hills with the cold breeze in your face – that’s what it’s like at Naltar Ski Resort! Every year, they have this cool event called the “Annual Ski Competition.” It’s like a big snow party where skiers from different places come to show off their skills. Picture bright colors racing down the slopes, cheers from the crowd, and a vibe of excitement in the crisp mountain air.

Naltar Polo Ground

Naltar Polo Ground

Naltar Polo Ground is a cool spot in Naltar Valley where people play a traditional game called polo. The Naltar Polo Ground is a special place where people gather for fun, enjoyment, and adventure. Also, Polo is a bit like soccer on horses, but way cooler. Skilled riders dash around, hitting a small ball with long mallets, creating a fast-paced and thrilling spectacle. The best part? The backdrop of Naltar’s stunning mountains makes watching or playing polo here a unique and memorable experience. It’s not just a game; it’s a blend of tradition, skill, and breathtaking beauty coming together in one awesome place! Locals and tourists gather here for polo matches, cheering, and having a good time.

Naltar Meadows

Naltar Meadows

Naltar Meadows is like a carpet of green surrounded by tall mountains in Naltar Valley. It’s a peaceful place where you can have a picnic, play, or just relax. The meadows are so green, especially in the summer, and you might see some colorful flowers too. It’s like nature’s own playground!

Naltar Pass

Naltar Pass

Naltar Pass is a high-up place in Naltar Valley, like a door to the mountains. It’s a bit challenging to reach because of the steep trails, but once you’re there, wow! The views are amazing – you can see the whole valley and the surrounding peaks. It’s like standing on top of the world!


Naltar Valley Mosque is a serene and traditional place of worship nestled in the mountains. With a unique design, it offers a peaceful spot for prayer and reflection, harmonizing spirituality with the breathtaking natural surroundings of Naltar Valley.


Naltar Valley is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It is situated in the Karakoram Range, which is part of the larger Himalayan mountain system. The valley is approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Gilgit, the capital city of the Gilgit-Baltistan region. The geographical coordinates of Naltar Valley are approximately 35.2267° N latitude and 75.5398° E longitude.

Naltar Valley Road Conditions

Naltar Valley Road Conditions
  1. Naltar Valley road conditions are challenging, especially for regular cars.
  2. The route involves off-road tracks, which may not be suitable for standard vehicles.
  3. Jeeps are highly preferred due to their robustness and off-road capabilities.
  4. Personal and hired local jeeps are the recommended modes of transportation.
  5. Heavy bikes with 150CC and above are allowed on the road to Naltar Valley.
  6. Adventurous individuals can opt for motorbike journeys, enjoying the thrill of the ride.
  7. Local jeeps, driven by experienced drivers, are accustomed to the tricky terrain.
  8. The road to Naltar demands skilled drivers due to its tricky conditions.
  9. Drivers should be experienced in handling challenging terrains to ensure a safe journey.
  10. Checking the road condition before leaving is a must to ensure a smooth and safe trip.

Travelers are advised to assess weather conditions and road status for a well-informed journey.

Must to-do things in Naltar Valley

  1. Skiing at Naltar Ski Resort
  2. Explore Naltar Lakes
  3. Trek to Naltar Pass
  4. Attend Polo Matches at Naltar Polo Ground
  5. Picnic in Naltar Meadows
  6. Explore Naltar Bala Village
  7. Photography and Sightseeing
  8. Attend the Naltar Ski Festival
  9. Nature Walks in Naltar Pine Forest
  10. Visit Naltar Valley Mosque

Hotels in Naltar Valley

Hotels in Naltar Valley
  1. Turgil Green Resort.
  2. Naltar Palace Hotel.
  3. Jumeirah Resort.
  4. Strawberry Huts.
  5. Das-e-Basi.
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