Mubarak Village Beach Karachi: Beautiful Coastal Spot


Mubarak Village Beach, also known as Goth Mubarak Beach, is located on the southwestern coast of Karachi. It has a coastline with crystal clear greenish-blue waters, offering a refreshing escape from the bustling city life. Unlike the more crowded beaches near Karachi, Mubarak Village offers a sense of serenity. The unspoiled coastline with calm waters and soft sand creates a perfect spot for relaxation and unwinding.


Mubarak Village Fishing

Mubarak Village is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. It offers a unique experience that blends traditional practices with the thrill of the catch. Mackerel, kingfish, tuna, and barracuda are exciting catches you might encounter while trolling offshore. Witness and potentially learn from the local fishermen who employ time-tested techniques passed down through generations. Observe their boat designs, bait selection, and fishing methods, gaining a deeper appreciation for the local fishing culture.

Mubarak Village Scuba Diving

Mubarak Village presents an ideal location for scuba diving, allowing visitors to explore the underwater world and experience the serenity of the marine environment. Schools of colorful fish like butterflyfish, angelfish, and damselfish will captivate you with their vibrant colors and patterns. Watch for larger species like groupers, snappers, and even majestic manta rays. “Turtle Beach” is also near Mubarak Village Beach Karachi.

Color rocks at Mubarak Village

mubarak village rocks

The coast around Karachi is known for sedimentary rock formations, particularly limestone and sandstone. Limestone can range in color from white, cream, and grey to even yellowish or pinkish hues. Sandstone can vary greatly in color depending on the minerals it contains. It can be tan, brown, red, yellow, or even white.

Mubarak Village Charna Island

charna island mubarak village

Charna Island, also Churna Island, is a small, uninhabited island situated near Mubarak Goth. It’s a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts due to its calm waters and vibrant marine life. The island itself is known for its rocky terrain and lack of sandy beaches. However, its proximity to Mubarak Village makes it a convenient spot for day trips and exploration. It is an hour away from “Safari Park Karachi“.

Mubarak Village Weather

weather mubarakvillage

For a large part of the year, Mubarak Village experiences warm and sunny weather. The coastal location keeps humidity levels relatively low compared to inland areas of Pakistan. Winters in Mubarak Village are mild compared to the northern parts of Pakistan. May and June can be the hottest months in Mubarak Village, with temperatures reaching up to 35°C (95°F) or even higher.

Best time to visit Mubarak Village

best time to visit

The best time to visit Mubarak Village, Karachi is during the cool and comfortable months, particularly from early October to mid-November, and from early March to mid-April. These periods offer favorable weather for enjoying the beach and engaging in various water activities such as fishing, boating, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Mubarak Village Road

The M-9 Motorway, also known as the Super Highway connects Karachi with other parts of Sindh and Balochistan. After traveling for a while on the M-9 Motorway, you’ll need to take the exit for Mauripur Road. This is where the scenic route begins. The scenic drive to Mubarak Village, renowned for its natural beauty, coastal charm, and hilly roads witnessing the golden sunrise behind, offers visitors a memorable and immersive experience.

Mubarak Village Location

location mubarak village karachi

The Mubarak Village is located around 30 kilometers east of Karachi. The Mubarak Village is located within the administrative boundaries of Karachi.  Mubarak Village rests directly along the shores of the Arabian Sea in Keamari District, offering beautiful beachfront scenery.

Mubarak Village Road Map

Karachi to Mubarak Village

The distance between Karachi and Mubarak Village is approximately 45 kilometers along Mauripur Rd and Goth Mubarak Rd. It will take about 1 hour and 11 minutes to get there by car.

Arambagh to Mubarak Village Beach Karachi

The distance between Arambagh and Mubarak Village is approximately 30 kilometers, and it would take around 2 hours to reach Mubarak Village from Arambagh.

Boat basin to Mubarak Village Beach Karachi

The distance between Boat Basin and Mubarak Village is approximately 48.8 kilometers (30.3 miles) by road. Depending on traffic conditions, the travel time can range from 1 hour 17 minutes to 2 hours.

Distance from Saddar Karachi to Mubarak Village Beach Karachi

The distance from Saddar Karachi to Beach Mubarak Village is approximately 45 to 48 kilometers depending on the route you take. Travel time is estimated at 1 hour and 11 minutes to 2 hours.

Distance between Gulbai and Mubarak Village Beach Karachi

The distance between Gulbai, Karachi, and Mubarak Village Beach is approximately 40 kilometers by car. It should take about 59 minutes to get there via Mauripur Rd.

Mubarak Village Beach Karachi Huts

These huts are not luxury cabins, but rather simple structures that provide basic shelter and a chance to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. They are typically constructed from wood, bamboo, or other local materials, and may have thatched roofs. While amenities might be limited, the experience offers a connection with nature.


Mubarak Village offers a captivating escape from the clamor of city life. Whether it’s the scenic drive, the opportunity to witness the local fishing lifestyle, or the captivating sunrises, Mubarak Village presents an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in a peaceful and unspoiled coastal setting, making it a destination worth exploring for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience.

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