Jahaz Banda Kumrat Valley: Meadow of Dreams


The place is called “Jahaz Banda” (local term for “ship settlement”) because, from a distance, it resembles a ship. Jahaz Banda is located approximately Thirty-One hundred meters above sea stage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s upper Dir District. It is a massive meadow surrounded by splendid landscapes with snow-capped mountains, tall forests, and verdant meadows. Jahaz Banda is a famous location for trekkers on their way to Katora Lake. The trek of Jahaz Banda Kumrat Valley is challenging, however, the views are worth it.

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JahazBanda Lake

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For travelers wishing to take in the breathtaking scenery of northern Pakistan, Jahaz Banda Lake is a must-visit place because it offers a peaceful and serene environment. Jahaz Banda Lake’s surroundings are renowned for their ample biodiversity, which includes a wide variety of plants and animals. The place is famous for camping, and hiking. Nature lovers who want to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the Pakistani Himalayas frequently come there.

JahazBanda Meadows

meadows jahaz banda

Jahaz Banda Meadows is a famous spot for camping, hiking, and picture-taking in Kumrat Valley. Jahaz Banda Meadows draws visitors from all over the world who are inquisitive about nature and adventure. The stunning scenery and calm environment make it the best location to unwind and relax in the middle of nature

JahazBanda Waterfall

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There is no waterfall at Jahaz Banda itself. The Kund Banda Waterfall, also occasionally called the Kund Badsha Waterfall or Raja Waterfall is there which isn’t truly placed at Kund Banda. Kund Banda itself is a small village with lovely views near Jahaz Banda. Kund Banda Waterfall is a famous visiting point for trekkers on their way to Jahaz Banda.

JahazBanda Trek

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Jahaz Banda is a popular hiking Trek. Depending on the route chosen, the journey usually starts from the village of Jandrai or another nearby starting point. After that, hikers can follow a track that meanders through difficult areas and scenic valleys before progressively climbing to Jahaz Banda Meadows. From the base, the hike typically takes 6 to 8 hours to reach Jahaz Banda Meadows.

Jahaz Banda Camping

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Camping at Jahaz Banda Meadows gives breathtaking views, serene surroundings, and opportunities for trekking and stargazing. Experience campfires, photography, and cultural interactions while practicing responsible tourism. Be prepared for cold temperatures and follow local guidelines for a memorable outdoor experience in the Pakistani Himalayas.

Jahaz Banda Winter

jahaz banda kumratvalley winter season

Jahaz Banda in winter transforms into a serene wonderland, blanketed in snow. While hiking throughout this time is hard because of heavy snowfall and harsh climatic conditions, it gives a unique experience for adventure lovers. Camping turns into a greater adventure but requires specialized equipment to fight the cold. Despite the difficulties, the stunning snowy landscapes and the peaceful atmosphere make Jahaz Banda a captivating destination for those seeking an unforgettable winter adventure.

Jahaz Banda Weather


Jahaz Banda experiences diverse weather patterns throughout the year. During the summer season, from May to September, the weather is usually mild, with fine daytime temperatures and occasional rain showers. But, from November to March, winter sets in, bringing heavy snowfall and drastically chill temperatures. Hiking throughout winter offers challenges due to snowy trails, however, it gives a unique and serene enjoyment amidst the snow-covered landscapes.

Jahaz Banda Temperature

Jahaz Banda experiences diverse temperatures throughout the year. During the summer season, temperatures range from mild to moderately warm, with daylight highs averaging around 20-25°C. Therefore, temperatures drop significantly during wintry weather, with daytime highs frequently staying below freezing, averaging around 0-5°C. Heavy blizzards blanket the area from November to March.

Jahaz Banda Kumrat Valley Map

Distance Of Jahaz Banda From Different Cities

  • Islamabad to JahazBanda.
  • By road, the distance is approximately 350-400 kilometers (217-248 miles), and it typically takes around 10-12 hours to reach Jahaz Banda from Islamabad.
  • Kumrat to JahazBanda Distance.
  • The distance from the Kumrat Valley to Jahaz Banda Meadows is approximately 20-25 kilometers (12-15 miles) depending on the specific trekking route taken. The journey typically takes around 7-9 hours to complete, depending on the pace of the trekker and the specific starting point within Kumrat Valley.
  • JahazBanda to KatoraLake.
  • The distance from Jahaz Banda Meadows to Katora Lake, also known as the “Sapphire Lake,” is approximately 6-8 kilometers (3.7-5 miles) depending on the specific route taken. The trek usually takes around 3-4 hours to complete.
  • Distance from Peshawar to JahazBanda.
  • The distance from Peshawar to Jahaz Banda is approximately 310-350 kilometers (193-217 miles) depending on the specific route taken. Traveling by road typically takes around 9-11 hours, depending on road conditions, traffic, and stops along the way.

Jahaz Banda Kumrat Valley Hotels


There aren’t any hotels next to the Jahaz Banda meadows themselves since it’s a remote area. However, there are several options available in the nearby towns of Upper Dir and Kalam, which are popular tourist destinations:

  • Hotel Green Hills Thall Kumrat – Price: Rs 6,711 per night.
  • Kumrat Maskan Hotel – Price: Rs 7,909 per night.
  • Mom Touch Hotel – Price: Rs 9,303 per night.
  • Shelton Rezidor Hotel Kumrat Road – User rating: 4.2 stars on Google with 310 reviews.
  • Valhalla Resort Kumrat – Price: Rs 16,738 per night.


Jahaz Banda Meadows epitomizes the serene beauty and rugged charm of the area. With its scenic valleys, dense forests, snow-capped peaks, and sparkling streams, Jahaz Banda offers a haven for both nature admirers and adventurers. Enjoying the serenity of its beautiful meadows, hiking along its meandering paths, or camping beneath starry skies. A unique experience that satisfies the senses and elevates the spirit is enjoyed by visitors. Jahaz Banda Meadows is a timeless reminder of the treasures that await those who dare to explore, reflecting the unspoiled elegance of the natural world.

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