Bari Imam Islamabad: Blooms of Faith in Islamabad


The place attracts devotees seeking spiritual healing and wish fulfillment. The region places great value on the teachings and legacy of Bari Imam, who helped to develop a sense of belonging and spirituality among his followers. Also, the shrine acts as a center for cultural events, especially the annual festivals and Urs celebrations, celebrating the life and teachings of the Bari Imam Islamabad.


Bari Imam History

The original name of Bari Imam was Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi. He was born in 1617, he spent a simple, modest life, devoted to prayer and meditation, and showed signs of spirituality and devotion from his early life. Moreover, He traveled extensively across the Indian subcontinent, spreading the message of Sufism and emphasizing love, compassion, and dedication to God. He spent his later years in meditation and spiritual contemplation in the place called Bari Imam today. The shrine has since become a center of attraction for pilgrimage and cultural activities.

Architecture of Bari Imam


The architecture of the Bari Imam Shrine is a reflection of traditional Islamic and Indo-Islamic styles. The central structure is the tomb of Bari Imam, there’s a dome or a canopy over the tomb. It is one of the Places To Visit In Islamabad. There is an open courtyard surrounding the tomb, where devotees gather for prayers, rituals, and communal activities. There are places for Ablution (Wazu) and prayer halls are also present.

Lohe Dandi

Lohe Dandi

Lohe Dandi Cave or Bari Imam Cave is believed to have been a place where Bari Imam spent 40 days in prayer, meditation, and spiritual contemplation. The cave provides an ideal environment for solitude and reflection. The cave is considered a sacred place and visitors often trek to the cave to pay homage to Bari Imam and to experience the spiritual aura.

Bari Imam Waterfall

bruti waterfall

There is a popular waterfall near the Bari Imam Shrine called Bruti Waterfall. Due to the shrine’s proximity and the popularity of both locations, Bruti Waterfall might be mistakenly referred to as the “Bari Imam Waterfall”. The area around the waterfall provides an ideal setting for picnics, photography, and relaxation.

Bari Imam Mela

The Bari Imam Mela, also known as the Urs of Bari Imam, is an annual celebration. The Mela takes place in May on the anniversary of Bari Imam’s death. However, dates can vary slightly depending on the Islamic lunar calendar. The activities during the Mela festival include;

  • Ziyarat (Visitation)
  • Dargah Decoration
  • Qawali and Sufi Music
  • Sufi Poetry Recitations
  • Offerings and Charity
  • Cultural Performances
  • Food Stalls
  • Langar Distribution

Chilla Gah Imam Bari Islamabad

Chilla Gah Imam Bari Islamabad” refers to the place where Bari Imam (Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi) is believed to have spent a period of intense spirituality and meditation.

Bari Imam Location

Bari Imam location

Bari Imam is located in Noorpur Shahan village of Barakahu in Islamabad. The exact coordinates are approximately 33.6779° N latitude and 73.1054° E longitude.

Imam Bari Map

Bari Imam Distance from Rawalpindi

The distance is approximately 26.7 kilometers along Murree Road and takes about 57 minutes to reach.

Bari Imam Islamabad to Chattar Park Distance

The distance is approximately 16.8 kilometers along Barakahu Bypass Road and takes about 27 minutes.

F-8 to Bari Imam Distance

The distance is about 25.4 kilometers along Jinnah Ave and takes about 42 minutes to drive.


Bari Imam is a place of spiritual devotion and cultural heritage. This sacred place honors the memory of Bari Imam, whose teachings of love, compassion, and unity continue to resonate even after ages. The legacy of Bari Imam Lives on, inspiring generations to embrace the path of spiritual enlightenment and to cherish the values of tolerance and harmony. It is a life-changing message for those who understand the deep meaning behind it. The place itself has great solace and mental refreshment. Whether you visit the shrine or explore the natural beauty of the area, Bari Imam’s story tells Islamabad’s rich spiritual heritage and Sufi traditions.

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